Otto: 6 Months

As the Andy William’s song goes “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” And for me it’s my favorite time of the year. From the family gatherings, to driving around looking at the lights, the house filled with decorations, the cookies, the traditions, all help to make this time special! But I think the thing that always makes me really excited for this time of year is all the memories I have of it. 

When we shot Otto’s six month session just under a week ago, it was so great to be shooting in their house with their family, in a place where they are making their own Christmas traditions and memories. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

Fall Engagement: Amanda & Justin

I first met Amanda during my freshman year at Kent State. She was living next door to one of my grade school friends. We’d hung out a few times, but one time in particular we were looking on Facebook at some of my photography. I had just shot my first couple of weddings and I remember Amanda saying that when she got married she would ask me to be her photographer. I thought nothing of this. It wasn’t until a few years later and a few months after I had seen her engagement on Facebook that the same mutual friend, that caused us to meet initially, reminded Amanda about my photography when she began her search for the wedding.

Amanda and I met up for coffee in late August to talk through the wedding and engagement session. One thing became clear to me as we talked—Fall is an important time for her and her fiancé Justin. It was last October that Justin proposed while on a trip to Mohican State Park and it’s now less than a year until their wedding next October. 

It was a gorgeous Sunday morning when we headed out for our shoot at Rocky River Reservation. As we walked through the wooded areas and fields and took pictures it was so special to be witnessing two people so in love. It only helped make the beautiful weather and scenery better.

Otto: 3 Months

Photography is about a single point of a moment. It’s like stopping time. As everything gets condensed in that forced instant. But if you keep creating these points, they form a line which reflects your life.
— Nobuyoshi Araki

I couldn’t think of a better quote to describe my professional relationship with the Snyder’s. October marked are 5 years of working together, and I know I’ve gone into details of it throughout numerous blog posts in the past, but it has truly been special to be the one capturing these moments (or points) over the years. 

Pam & Jeff - Wedding: Tiffin, OH

“Joe…emergency…I’m at the ER getting stitches in my face right now.” 

It’s 8:30 in the morning, I’m just waking up and getting ready when Pam sends me this message. A million thoughts go through my mind and I hope that everything is alright. Pam reassures me a few minutes later that “It’ll be ok.”

When I arrive at the hair salon I see Pam with an ice pack under her eye, the spot where her sisters dog had accidentally scratched through the skin requiring several stitches. But there was something else I noticed—she was calm. Very calm. I know many brides who would’ve been devastated, but Pam wasn’t going to let this ruin her day. And that is what I loved about working with her (and Jeff). That no matter what might happen they were going to do this. And that’s what marriage is about—through good times and bad.

Luckily for Pam and Jeff, the rest of their day went very smoothly. The weather was was perfect, the decorations and flowers were beautiful, the food was great, and most importantly everyone was having a good time celebrating this new marriage.

Many thanks to the everyone who made this wedding so special…
Ceremony Location: St. Mary Catholic Church 
Reception Venue: Tilly’s Banquet Hall / Tilly's Banquet Room
Bridesmaids Dresses: The Dessy Group 
Wedding Dress: Cloud Nine Bridal 
Florist: Otto and Urban Flowers 
Hair: Ye Crimpers Shoppe 
DJ: Bottoms Up VIP entertainment LLC
Cupcakes: Deena’s Cakes and Cookies 
Cake: Leah Hoerig
Photographer: Joey K. Photography
Photography assistant: Kaitlynn Kirkpatrick