Fall Senior: Ashley [Part 2]

Part two of Ashley’s fall senior session [see part one here] took a collegiate-styled approach. The beautiful Heidelberg University campus in Tiffin, OH as our background and her fashion choice of a simple sweater and over a classic tartan plaid made for a perfect match. 

Fall Senior: Ashley [Part 1]

In late October I met back up with Ashley to shoot her second round of senior photos. Much like her first shoot [check it out here] her session had several different looks, all of which she rocked - again. So when I began editing and eventually planning my social posts I came to the conclusion that I had to break it up this time, mostly because I’m super indecisive and there were just too many good photos to cut any this time around. So I present to you below part 1 of Ashley’s fall session. A wonderful mix of nature and style and we even incorporated Ashley’s guitar for a few!

Summer Senior: Ashley

On a Saturday afternoon in late August I set out to Lakeside, OH, for the first round of photos with Ashley. From the first time I spoke with Ashley, I knew I was in for an awesome time. I don’t know if I’ve ever spoken with someone before who was so excited about their photos before we had even taken any! We spent several hours wandering the historic community with her friends by her side doing her makeup and hair throughout the day. 

One thing I love about doing senior sessions is allowing someone to be a star for the day and Ashley is certainly no exception. She rocked this shoot and I can’t wait to meet up with her in a few days for our fall session. 

Four Seasons of Shoots

A few years back, when discussing senior photo with my cousin Amanda, I came up with the idea of doing four sessions of senior photos, one during each of the changing seasons. Though it may not always feel like it (winter was a little too long this year) I'm fortunate to live in an area where the seasons noticeably change so why wouldn't I take advantage of the beauty during each.

When I decided to do this four season senior shot again I knew I'd face some challenges. As much as I try the weather doesn't always cooperate with me and there'd also be the challenge of coordinating two schedules for four different shoots. Annie and I made it work though, and the results are fantastic. I was so excited to finish edits on these early last week and show Annie and her mom. We sat down to together to decide which prints to order and let me tell you one of the best feelings as a photographer is when your client can't decide which photos to order because the like so many of them :)

Congrats Annie and thanks for being an awesome client!

Moving On

It's only been four years since I graduated high school but in many ways it feels like a lifetime. In these few years I moved away from my family and lived on my own, made new friends, grew apart from high school friends, and learned so much both academically and about life. But here I am today, a fresh college graduate, in a similar position as I was four years ago, nervous about the future and about what will happen in this next phase of my life. But if today I could go back and talk to my 18 year old self, and I know the future version of myself would do the same, I'd tell myself that no matter how hard things get and no matter how bad things seem today I'll make it through and everything will be ok.

Being a photographer for seniors has given me a platform to share my experiences and pass on anything I've learned. And this year in particular has allowed me to relate to them in a special way.

Today I'm sharing some photos from my senior session with Jacob. He is one of my closest cousins and basically like another brother. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that he is already graduating high school. I know he will do great things after school and can't wait to see where his life may take him. Congrats Pooh-Pod!